Educational Resources

American Centrifuge and the World Enrichment Market

NERA Economic Consulting's analysis concludes that the American Centrifuge Plant will preserve and increase competition in the enrichment industry and provide benefits to enrichment buyers.

USEC: Benefits, Not Bailouts

Claims that USEC has received massive bailouts from the U.S. government are unfounded and untrue. In fact, USEC has provided billions of dollars of benefits to the U.S. taxpayer.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Find out how the uranium fuel that powers the world's nuclear reactors is mined and processed in several important steps that make up the nuclear fuel cycle.

How Much Energy Is That?

Find out how much energy 20,000 nuclear warheads contain and how it compares to other energy fuels.

Role of Nuclear Power

Find out more about nuclear power's role in providing the world with clean, reliable electricity while avoiding the creations of potentially harmful greenhouse gasses.

HEU to LEU: Step by Step

See how the Megatons to Megawatts program recycles nuclear warheads into fuel for nuclear power plants.


Confused about what a SWU is? Learn the meaning to terms used in the nuclear fuel business everyday.

UF6 Handling Practices Manual

UF6 ManualUSEC's "UF6 Manual: Good Handling Practices for Uranium Hexafluoride" provides a general description of how USEC manages UF6 in its production environment. Click the link to order the manual.