Charitable Giving

USEC's Charitable Giving activities

In order to be eligible for a charitable contribution, an organization should operate in one of USEC’s communities or be consistent with the Company’s business goals and values.

Donations are most often directed towards these causes:


Educational programs that enhance the quality of education while providing students with exposure to different experiences outside the classroom; initiatives that improve the environment and infrastructure of a given institution; scholarship opportunities supporting further education in the sciences or mathematics

Social Services and Support Programs

Programs that involve job development, training and employment opportunities; that feed or house the needy; that attempt to meet other basic needs of the communities’ less-fortunate residents; or support the elderly

Medical Research and Support for Those Affected by Illness

Programs supporting medical research into various afflictions or support for organizations that assist those affected by illnesses

Environmental Programs

Programs geared towards improving the condition or raising awareness of environmental issues affecting local communities and the world at large


Programs that help sustain the operations of art museums or performing arts organizations in neighborhood communities or that enhance cultural diversity in the community

Criteria for Donations

We use the following criteria to evaluate requests for donations:

  • The number of persons served by the organization as compared to the amount of money requested for the contribution.
  • Impact of the organization’s mission, goals and objectives on critical issues facing USEC’s local communities first, and then society at large.
  • The active involvement of the organization’s governing body, and the continuity and efficiency of its administration.
  • Whether the results of the requested contribution can be measured or evaluated objectively.
  • The degree to which USEC volunteers are involved in the organization.

Your Commitment to USEC

Any organization that makes a request or that receives a donation must agree to the following conditions:

Responsibilities of the Soliciting Organization

Soliciting organizations must provide a completed donation request form. If an organization is not well known, they may be asked to provide a letter of determination on non-profit status from the IRS, a most recent audited financial statement (or IRS Form 990), or any other information (i.e. an annual report) necessary to serve as a basis for USEC staff to make an informed decision. The information provided must define the organization’s purposes; describe overall programs, activities and accomplishments; document eligibility to receive deductible contributions; and provide information about the governing body, structure, financial activities and financial position of the requesting organization.

Use of Funds

A reasonable percentage of total income from all sources must be applied to programs and activities directly related to the purposes for which the organization exists. Also, a reasonable percentage of public contributions must be applied to the programs and activities described in solicitations, in accordance with donor expectations.


Soliciting organizations should have an adequate governing structure and an active governing body. They should operate in accordance with a governing instrument (charter, articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.) that set forth the organization’s basic goals and purposes and defines the organizational structure. An active governing body (board) should exercise responsibility in establishing policies and overseeing the leadership of the organization. Organizations that do not meet this condition will not be precluded from consideration but may be asked to provide USEC additional assurances or information about the governance of their activities.

Making a Request

If your organization is interested in requesting a donation, please complete the appropriate donation request form and email it to All requests will be forwarded to the appropriate persons to review.

USEC does not attempt to acknowledge or reply to the requests it receives. If the Company has questions about your request or if the Company selects your organization for a donation, you will be contacted by a USEC representative.

Donation Request Forms:

Short Form (For requests of $1,000 or less)
Long Form (For requests of more than $1,000)


  • Donations are not made to any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, color, sex, marital status, or handicap.
  • Donations are made directly to organizations and programs. Therefore, the Company does not support individuals, teams, or organizations raising funds to benefit other organizations.
  • Donations are not made to any organizations that support a particular political party or candidate.