20K Nuclear Warheads Eliminated

500 metric tons of Russian highly enriched uranium have been converted into commercial nuclear fuel by the Megatons to Megawatts program - enough fuel to power the U.S. for two years

Clean Energy Worldwide

Utilities around the world rely on USEC’s nuclear fuel to produce clean, reliable electricity without greenhouse gas emissions

Energy Security

USEC enhances America’s energy security by ensuring a steady long-term supply of nuclear fuel through our uranium enrichment technologies and supply contracts

Safe, Secure, Reliable

USEC employs experienced, highly trained experts to provide a reliable supply of fuel to its customers worldwide


A Nuclear Leader

USEC Inc. (NYSE:USU) is a leading supplier of nuclear fuel to electric utilities worldwide. USEC operates the only U.S.-owned uranium enrichment facility in the United States. 

American Centrifuge: Investing Today for Long-Term Competitiveness

Deploying the American Centrifuge will ensure a reliable and diversified supply of enriched uranium while preserving competition and stability.

American Centrifuge RD&D Program

See the progress being made on the American Centrifuge Research, Development & Demonstration program, which has supported more than 1,000 U.S. jobs

Platts Energy Week

USEC CEO John Welch discusses the status of the American Centrifuge RD&D Program and other USEC initiatives with the Platts Energy Week television show. Click below to watch.

Join Our Team

USEC is hiring for positions in Ohio and Tennessee to support demonstration and deployment of the American Centrifuge. See how you can become a part of this cutting-edge technology team.